What is an NFT?

  • A unique digital asset, such as an original work of digital art that you can own and invest in.
  • NFT means ‘non-fungible token’ (something that doesn’t have a fixed exchangeable value).
  • Before nft and blockchain technology, it wasn’t possible to prove the authenticity and provenance of a digital asset.
  • There is now real value in owning and authentic / original version of a digital artwork.
  • Just like physical works of art, the more rare and desirable an NFT is, the more it can increase in value.


How to buy an NFT?

  • Sign up for an account at niftygateway.com today.
  • Log into your account, click the profile dropdown at the top-right of the webpage, click ‘account’
  • Click ‘add new card’ and enter you card details (nifty gateway accepts card payments – no need for crypto currency!)
  • You’re now ready to buy and bid on our NFT!
  • (the most accessible nfts are ‘open editions’ only available for a strict window of 3 minutes, so be sure to register before the drop!)

If you are interested in buying an NFT on the secondary marketplace, please visit niftygateway.com